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1/2 inch screened Natural Compost/Mulch Mix (1 cubic yard)


Unveil the secret to a vibrant garden with our 1/2 inch screened Natural Compost/Mulch Mix. This masterful combination harnesses the nutrient potency of compost with the protective attributes of mulch, all finely processed through a half-inch screen for impeccable consistency.


Key Features:

  • Ingredients: Our premium mulch is a mixture of horse bedding, compost, and wood chips.  This material is a light brown that turns darker with age and will eventually become a soil and enrich your mulch beds for years to come.
  • Superior Blend: Merges the nourishing properties of compost with the moisture-retaining and protective qualities of mulch.
  • Finely Processed: Carefully sifted to a 1/2 inch consistency, guaranteeing a uniform mix free from large debris.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Enhance soil vitality and plant health with a blend that delivers organic nutrients directly to plant roots.
  • Organic: Formulated from decomposed organic matter and natural woods, devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • Eco-Friendly: Step into sustainable gardening by choosing a blend that maximizes recycled organic materials.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for garden beds, plant bases, and as a top layer to conserve moisture and deter weed growth.

Usage Instructions:
Apply directly to garden beds or around plant bases. Adjust depth based on plant and moisture retention needs.

Infuse your garden with nature's best through our 1/2 inch screened Natural Compost/Mulch Mix — a gardener's dream for lush landscapes and thriving plants.

Plastics disclaimer in our Compost

“Hidden Acres Compost products are made from food waste, leaves, wood chips, and manures from our farm and others. The sources of our inputs come from colleges, schools, farms, grocery stores, restaurants, businesses, homes, landscapers, and municipalities. While we do our best and with the latest equipment to screen to a premium ½ inch particle size we occasionally do have a small piece (typically fruit stickers and biodegradable pieces of bags) that do make their way through the screen or blown in by the wind.  We do our best to create the highest organics content as possible and have never added chemicals, dyes, or harmful materials to our products. Our commitment to a greener future one food scrap at a time has never been stronger and we will continue to strive for the highest quality end products while continuing to recycle materials from all over the local community. “