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Delving Deeper into Details: Your Questions, Our Answers – Here’s Everything You Need to Know Addressed in Our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is your compost made from?

Our organic compost is made of a proprietary recipe with leaves, food waste, manures, and wood chips. We strive for a mixture of 25/30-1 ratio of carbon to nitrogen.

How much is 1 cubic yard of compost

A cubic yard is 3 feet high; 3 feet long; and 3 feet wide.

How much compost should I use?

It depends on your target end use. If you are using it for a garden typically 2 or 3 inches on top and mixed into the soil is ideal. Compost Is not recommended for plants that require an acid-rich soil. Use our compost yardage calculator to best estimate your volume required.

Is the compost tested for PH?

Yes, our compost is tested through the Penn State University soils lab. Results can be given upon request.

How often should I apply compost?

We recommend every 2 or 3 years to keep your soil fertile.

Do you sell pure manure?

We currently do not sell pure manure as we use it on our fields as well as in a mix of our compost.

Can I apply compost to an existing garden?

Yes, We recommend an ample amount of compost around your garden and mixed gently into the soil. You may also add compost as a top dress for lawns

Should compost be used in Raised Beds?

Yes, but we recommend our compost/loam blend or a lighter amount of compost so you do not burn out seedlings.

Is compost good for planting trees and or/ shrubs?

Yes, Compost will add aeration to the soils as well as contain moisture while letting the roots grow. To do this, dig a hole larger than the root ball and fill it with compost. Then plants and trees with the soil around it mixed with compost.

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