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Hidden Acres Compost

Turning Food Waste into Garden Gold

At Hidden Acres Compost, composting isn’t just a trend—it’s a tradition. For years, we’ve transformed organic waste into rich, fertile compost. Now, with the introduction of our new compost site, we’re excited to expand our services with our food waste collection and drop-off.

Composting breathes new life into organic waste, turning yesterday's leftovers into today's garden nourishment.

By embracing composting, we contribute to a cycle of sustainability, enriching our soil and safeguarding our planet.

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Why People Choose Us

Why Choose Our Composting Service?

Embrace a greener tomorrow with the trusted composting services of Hidden Acres Compost. Transforming your food waste into garden gold, we’re more than just composting – we’re a movement towards sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Opt for a sustainable solution over landfills. With composting, we recycle invaluable natural resources.

Quality Soil Amendment

Our compost, fortified with leaves and yard waste, is the top choice for avid gardeners and farmers.

Unmatched Convenience

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we seamlessly collect your food waste for optimal use.

Nutrient-Rich Produce

Harness the power of our compost to grow produce that’s bursting with freshness and nutrients.

Years Of Farm Experience

Lbs of Food Waste Composted

Years of Composting

Hidden Acres Compost

Service Categories

Integrated Composting

Dumping Materials Onsite

Commercial Compost
Commercial Composting

Commercial Venue Composting

Commercial Compost
Toter Compost

Request Toter Services for Events

Toter Service for Composting
Integrated Composting

Integrated Composting Solutions

Integrated Composting Solutions
  • Landfill Reduction by 30%
  • Increasing Crop Yields by up to 25%
  • Water Conservation by up to 50%
  • Sequestering Carbon by up to 40%

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